Toyota Prius line may not reach 2013 sales target

All I can do is laugh.

I live in LA and everyone drives one of these little things.

Everyone is cooler and more righteous that you are.

Now that gas is getting cheaper, (who would have thought that would happen?), they aren’t as cool as they once were.

2012 was a good year for the Toyota Prius line, the hybrid that started it all moving 236,659 units, being the best-selling model in California for the year and the Prius C (pictured) being deemed the most reliable car of 2012 by Consumer Reports. Then 2013 happened, and gas prices dropped more than expected, and people haven’t been buying the little hybrids like they used to.

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NHTSA investigating 561k Toyota Prius hybrids for possible steering shaft defect


The Detroit News is reporting that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will investigate some 561,000 Toyota Prius models for potentially defective steering shafts. The affected hybrid models are from the 2004-2009 model years.

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Toyota Agrees To Pay $1.1 Billion To Settle Unintended Acceleration Lawsuits


Toyota has already spent $2 billion since the recalls and complaints started coming in, and now the additional billion will be spent to provide safety equipment in up to 16 million cars. The settlement involves no admission of fault on Toyota’s part.

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Toyota recalling 670k Prius models in US, 2.77 million vehicles worldwide [UPDATE]

Automotive News reports Toyota is recalling a total of 2.77 million vehicles worldwide for faulty water pumps and steering system issues. A total of 670,000 of those are 2004-2009 Prius hybrids sold in the US. Those vehicles are headed back to the dealer, where technicians will inspect the intermediate shaft in the steering column for deformed splines and replace the shaft if necessary. Around 350,000 of those same models will also be inspected for a faulty electric water pump. In some cases, the motor driving the pump could stop, causing the electric motor to overheat and stop functioning while being driven.

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Electric Vehicles Can Be Twice As Bad For Global Warming So Stop Being So Smug, You

The global warming potential from electric vehicle production is about twice that of conventional vehicles.

EVs exhibit the potential for significant increases in human toxicity, freshwater eco-toxicity, freshwater eutrophication, and metal depletion impacts, largely emanating from the vehicle supply chain. Results are sensitive to assumptions regarding electricity source, use phase energy consumption, vehicle lifetime, and battery replacement schedules.

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Toyota Prius Solution: When you’re dead, you can’t pollute

This is the ultimate truth about Prius. You want to help the Earth? Here’s how.

Obviously a riff on the whole “Pious” side of the Prius-driver stereotype as well as taking blind environmentalism to its logical extreme, the Prius Solution manages to put a bloody twist on the Prius “family” branding that the automaker has been promoting since early 2010. It’s kind of gross, so you’ve been warned.

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